Included antenna does a decent job pulling in stations Easy to use software Portable. The unit, however, was a bit bulky. The included TVCenter software also offers features like timeshifting, direct-to-DVD recording or scheduled recordings to your hard drive without any quality loss. Record to your hard drive or even direct to DVD without any qualitiy loss. Watch HDTV in full-screen or scalable-window mode.

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The offer is 1yr free of the premium guide. A high-gain telescopic antenna is included, too.

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You can go to antennaweb. When you install the TVCenter Pro software, it pinnacle tv tuner you the choice of using the premium electronic program guide or the basic guide. The program guide only allows you to see the guide per channel instead of all the channels in a grid, but pinacle works ok. Of course, when I did a tunee scan with the tuner connected to my 30 foot TV tower, it found quite a few more.

Ultra COMPACT, Brilliant HDTV and 100% DIGITAL

I had the following configuration. It may be clunky, but it works. It runs on 2 AAA batteries pinhacle are thankfully also included. Look through pinnacle tv tuner settings option. This diminutive combination allows you to take control of all of your digital TV choices from a distance in comfort. The software interface even has internet radio too….


Pinnacle TV for Mac HD mini Stick USB TV Tuner (Box) B&H

All of this power is available in an ultra-compact designed form factor. The product key is to use the pinnacle soft ware. Never could get the pinnacle tv tuner to do anything.

The laptop heated up in such a way we can make tea on it. If you hook up to cable no box pinnacle tv tuner will get just local channels no cable and they will be analog not digital.

But when I connected the coax from my 30 foot tower outside, it found all of them. pinnale

The first time you run the software, it will scan for available channels in your area. They use a special format if I remember pinnacle tv tuner. After trying hard for two days some tumer made it work. You can enjoy TV in full-screen mode or in a scalable window while using other applications. Watch HDTV in full-screen or scalable-window mode.

The unit, however, was a bit bulky. But not unless you can find a way to view.

Pinnacle tv tuner tune of encrypted digital premium channels is not supported. But what does come in is crisp and sharp. Heck, even under OS X the remote control that comes with the stick works.


Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick (801e) USB TV Tuner Review

You can also subscribe without commenting. I will say that when the signal was good, that the HD broadcasts looked great.

Your signal will definitely vary per channel. I think PAL should work.

Leave a Comment Tuneer Reply Your email address will not be published. All the channels pinnacle tv tuner HD. I no longer have this item to double check, but if you look at pinnacle tv tuner package contents image, you can see the included cable that has an S-Video connector, a stereo pninacle and an RCA video connector. Sometimes it is slow. When looking through the settings section of the —windows-media-center— look for the country of origin and that should configure the device for you.