It’s a nice feeling piece of hardware, if you don’t object to its shape. Logihech shortly after you stop moving and clicking, though, the mouse drops into a lower power mode, in which the LED flashes only times a second, making it look a lot dimmer. By unleashing this long awaited new kind of mice on the market, Logitech overtakes its eternal competitor named Microsoft. The mouse has a good solid weight to it, making it feel very sturdy. It’s ergonomically pleasant provided you’re right handed , and it doesn’t feel heavy, either. Sure it’s more expensive than a traditional corded, non-optical mouse but it’s worth it.

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We will happily keep a supply of AA batteries on hand to be able to use the Cordless MouseMan Optical — not only for its improved performance, but also to consign roller ball cleaning and mouse cord untangling to history.

Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical Specs – CNET

Under the left rubber, your thumb will discover a small gray button that constitutes the fourth button of the device. That’s all the cordless hardware can handle; no utility can tweak the sample rate up any further. The current model “super” alkalines like the E 2 s and Duracell’s ” Ultra ” range have better current capacity than older alkalines. To get the batteries in there without turning the mouse into a hunchbacked monster, Logitech have come up with this interesting offset design.


See all 92 reviews. It may be a bit expensive, but it has a five year warranty and it’s worth every penny. Cordless Mouseman Optical Company: Optical mouses commonly have a current rating of about milliamps mA at five volts.

If you’re a hard-core action gamer for whom too much refresh rate is barely enough, no cordless mouse will suit you. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of moseman. It’s a nice feeling piece of hardware, if you don’t object to mouweman shape. Otherwise I would be returning the MouseMan instead of writing this review. I have used so many types of pointing devices regular mice, cordless mice, trackballs, optical mice, touchpads and find this to be the best.

Technical Specification

Play lots of Jedi Outcast and logitrch be lucky to get half that. It’s not actually as weird-looking as that might imply but, from most angles, it does look more like a Vorlon hand grenade than a mouse. Assuming you don’t mind the shape, this looks like logittech fine product for most users.

In this full-on mode the LED’s flashing times per second, which is the same rate used by other optical mouses. Why this isn’t included in the driver is a mystery beyond my comprehension.

Logitech V Cordless Notebook Mouse. Once again, though, moving the mouse or clicking a button gives you full power mode again.

The mouse itself is simply a marvel of pure design. Opto-mechanical mouses need occasional cleaning, though. Modern optical mouses, that have a tiny camera built into their underside that looks at the motion of the surface under the mouse and uses high powered Digital Signal Processing DSP hardware to tell which way the mouse is jouseman moved, are better. And thank goodness this mouse has a scroll wheel, because I can’t stand a mouse without it.



See all Used offers. Since it uses radio frequency RF technology instead of infrared, no line of sight is required for the MouseMan to function. It’s nicer to use than the Microsoft equivalent, which is about mousmean same price. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. To keep battery consumption down, cordless mouses have, until now, all used an ordinary opto-mechanical mechanism.

Very quick and problem less installation on my Win2K Pro system. They probably don’t draw that much mouxeman they’re stationary and dim their illuminator a bit, but half a watt still isn’t a bad guess watts equals volts times amps.

The super-bright red LED illuminator and the somewhat power hungry processor mean that an optical cordless mouse would appear to need some pretty fat batteries. Cordless Mouseman Optical Company: This guide offers insight into the qualities you must look for in choosing a Testing provider.